Teaching and Learning

At All Saints Catholic College, we regularly review our curriculum to evaluate its efficacy in helping pupils to learn and remember more over time. We have a three-year Key Stage Three which allows our pupils to learn and revisit knowledge in a broad variety of subjects. The Key Stage Three curriculum has been carefully planned so that it covers, at least, the requirements of the National Curriculum and beyond. At All Saints, Key Stage Four subjects offer our pupils the opportunity to explore their option subjects in greater depth, building on the foundations laid at Key Stage Three.

Your child’s termly assessment report will show the progress that they are making. The assessments are grouped into themes which cover the requirements of the National Curriculum. These are built upon each year throughout Key Stage Three and are a secure foundation for Key Stage Four. Once your child reaches Key Stage Four assessment of their progress is informed by exam specifications, which vary.

As a school community we have embraced strategies underpinned by the Science of Learning. We aim to help pupils to understand how they learn, so that they can become more independent. We evaluate our teaching through termly Quality Assurance.