We look forward to welcoming you to All Saints Catholic College and we’re excited to get to know you over the next 5 years in your journey through Secondary school.

We have a wonderful pastoral system, which allows us to get to know and support you very well, and our pastoral staff are on hand to help and guide you through your daily life here at All Saints.

People You Need to Know:

Name Role
Ms Gilligan Headteacher
Ms Fox Assistant Headteacher - Head of Safeguarding and Attendance
Ms Mike Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms Platt & Ms Hitchens SENDCOs
Ms Hirst Head of Year 7
Form Tutors You will each have a form tutor that you will check in with every day, they teach you important topics and lessons during our Morning Enrichment and are always to track your progress.

If you have any questions about the transition period or starting at All Saints then you can contact us via:


Telephone: 0161 338 2120