Our College Uniform

Uniform and personal appearance are now compulsory for Years 7 – 11.



Please note that certain items of our uniform are exclusive to our College and can only be obtained from our uniform suppliers https://topmarksschoolwear.co.uk/

  • Navy blue blazer with College badge
  • White shirt for boys, white blouse for girls. Shirts/blouses may be short or long sleeved.
  • Sensible, plain, flat, black shoes without logos or adornment.  Trainers, pumps, fabric shoes, or open toe footwear, sling backs and boots are not permitted.  Shoe laces should be black.  Footwear should not rise above the ankle bone.
  • Navy blue en-crested v‐necked jumper.  Please note that the College jumper is compulsory from the beginning of September onwards until the Head Teacher declares otherwise.
  • Outdoor coats should be appropriate school wear and not fashion garments.  They should be dark in colour.  Hoodies, hats and baseball style caps are not permitted.


Uniform for Boys


  • Navy blue trousers (straight leg fit) from the college suppliers only.
  • Plain black socks
  • New College Tie (clip‐on)


Uniform for Girls


  • Navy blue pleated college skirt (from the suppliers only, two lengths available) or…
  • Navy blue trousers (straight fit) from the suppliers only)
  • Plain black socks OR thick plain black tights
  • White Blouse with revere collar and no tie


PE Kit for Boys


  • Trainers – not fashion canvas style pumps
  • All Saints Rugby shirt Navy blue badged shorts
  • Navy Blue badged Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)
  • White badged polo‐shirt
  • White badged shorts
  • Yellow football socks
  • White socks
  • Football boots, shin-pads and gum-shield


PE Kit for Girls


  • Trainers – not fashion canvas style pumps
  • White badged polo‐shirt
  • Navy blue badged shorts
  • White socks
  • Navy Blue badged sweatshirt
  • Navy Blue badged Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)
  • Plain hair bobble


Personal appearance


The following are NOT permitted: jewellery e.g. earrings / bracelets / necklaces, make‐up, fake tan, visible tattoos, false nails, false eyelashes, eye‐brow make‐up, visible piercings, cuts to eyebrows.  A wrist watch may be worn.

Hair colour must be of one colour and natural in appearance.  Haircuts/styles must not be ‘extreme’ and not be less than a ‘number 3’ (7mm in length). Styles with a ‘step’ (shaving the sides of the head) or which are unkempt are not allowed.  Lines and patterns in haircuts are not permitted.  Hair, longer than the shoulders, should be tied back. Bobbles ,or clips, should be plain black or navy.


Don’t forget

Name tapes or labels on all items of your school uniform.

If unsure, please do contact us for clarity on any of the above.

The Pastoral Team

Year group
Head of Year
Year 7
Ms Gilmour
Year 8
Mr Riley
Year 9
Mr Hayward
Year 10
Ms Fox
Year 11
Mr Cassell


Pastoral Support Officers


Pastoral Support Officers
Year 7
Mr Fairhurst
Year 8
Mrs Kellett
Years 9
Mrs Jackson
Year 10
Mrs Kellett
Year 11
Mrs Martin
Overall Pastoral Officer:
Ms Day


Attendance Officer:Mrs Maddison

Caring for our Pupils