This scheme outlines the commitment of the staff and Governors of All Saints Catholic College to promote equality. We will work to ensure that groups with the protected characteristics (gender, race, disability, religious belief, age, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, and sexual orientation) are free from discrimination and harassment. Our college will tackle the barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for identified groups, ensuring there is equality of access and that we celebrate and value the diversity within our college community.

In accordance with our Mission Statement we pledge:

  • to respect the equal human rights of all our community
  • to positively promote equality and diversity
  • to tackle the barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for identified groups of pupils
  • to educate pupils about equality
  • to respect the equal rights of our staff and other members of the school community
  • to be aware that it is illegal to discriminate by association.

We will promote community cohesion at school, local, national and global levels, comparing our college community to its local and national context and implementing necessary actions as appropriate.



Our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people is of paramount importance and we believe that safer students make more successful learners.

The Pastoral Team

Year group
Head of Year
Year 7
Ms Gilmour
Year 8
Mr Riley
Year 9
Mr Hayward
Year 10
Ms Fox
Year 11
Mr Cassell


Pastoral Support Officers


Pastoral Support Officers
Year 7
Mr Fairhurst
Year 8
Mrs Kellett
Years 9
Mrs Jackson
Year 10
Mrs Kellett
Year 11
Mrs Martin
Overall Pastoral Officer:
Ms Day


Attendance Officer:Mrs Maddison

Caring for our Pupils