Curriculum Structure

Years 7 and 8

The Year 7 and 8 curriculum serves a clear purpose in every subject. The curriculum in each subject covers the content of the National Curriculum and puts high challenge, enjoyment and breadth of experience at the heart of learning. The learning from primary school is built upon and not repeated, and pupils’ knowledge of curriculum content is deepened through schemes of work that have been developed to suit our pupils. Alongside Mathematics, English, Sciences, Religious Studies and Physical Education, all pupils in years 7 and 8 study a broad range of subjects which expose pupils to creative, technical and vocational aspects of learning. We give more curriculum time to Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages than many schools to give pupils a strong foundation to pursue the English Baccalaureate at KS4 should this be a suitable pathway for them. A small number of pupils require additional literacy catchup in place of Modern Languages. This small-group teaching aims to fill the gaps in pupils understanding inn order that their literacy is not a barrier to them accessing the rest of the curriculum.


Year 9

In Year 9, the GCSE/Level 2 qualifications begin, allowing pupils nearly three years of study, especially for more challenging EBacc qualifications. We provide this additional time so that our teachers can embed deeper more meaningful knowledge and a love of learning whilst ensuring the curriculum offer is not narrowed. We do this by reviewing our mastery curriculum at KS3 and adapting planning and curriculum delivery at KS4 to ensure pupils have the breadth and depth of knowledge to succeed, according to starting points, at KS4. We also offer bespoke support for pupils’ that have specific learning needs, or very low starting points on entry. These include, but are not limited to, small class sizes completing Health and Fitness and Functional Skills.


Year 10 and 11

In Year 10 and 11, GCSE/Level 2 qualifications continue, and knowledge is embedded. We strive to give pupils as much choice and flexibility as possible, whilst ensuring they follow examination courses that lead to positive outcomes and give them access to aspirational Post-16 opportunities at the correct level. We are proud that we cater to pupils of all abilities and starting points, including pupils’ who aspire to Oxbridge, with several past pupils now gaining places in these prestigious universities.

In addition to their assessed curriculum, pupils’ physical, cultural, religious, moral and spiritual education continues through our PHSE curriculum and through core PE lessons.

In Year 11, pupils benefit from the addition of “Period 6” at the end of each day. This provides a vital opportunity for intervention in the subjects where they require more support.


Rich Offer:

From pupils’ entry into All Saint, each year is planned to stretch and challenge pupils. Departments design a broad and balanced curriculum in order to offer the core knowledge, methods, terminology and approaches to thinking within their subject. They constantly work on adapting the curriculum offer through mapping exercises and cross-departmental collaboration. From Year 7 onwards, pupils regularly revisit core concepts, recall key knowledge and repeatedly practice subject skills to develop a deeper understanding and mastery in preparation for their next steps and future study.

Academic and Technical study at Level 1 / Level 2 (including GCSE) offers a wide entitlement. There is opportunity to study triple or combined sciences and a wide selection of open subjects are offered including expressive arts subjects, technology subjects, physical education and Business Studies. Our curriculum is designed to enable large numbers of pupils to choose creative subjects because we create the time and flexibility to study them up to 16 years old.


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Curriculum Structure:


*As a Catholic school we ensure that at least 10% of our curriculum is devoted to Religious Education to age 16 in-line with the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools and Colleges in England and Wales.