All Saints Catholic College provides a curriculum which inspires, challenges and safeguards all our pupils, and:

  • Gives pupils essential knowledge so they can build skills and gain qualifications required to use and expand on their God-given gift, and talents, in their future lives
  • Allows pupils to practice the teachings of Christ in their daily lives
  • Builds pupils’ confidence, well-roundedness, and self-regulation so they can live safe, healthy, spiritual and fulfilling lives
  • Gives pupils the knowledge as to how to be healthy citizens who make a social and economic
  • Gives pupils a deep knowledge of world affairs, financial security so they are inspired to continue their learning


Our curriculum planning responds to our school context and our pupils’ needs by:

  • Introducing and embedding the core values of the College and the teachings of Christ and the Universal Church
  • Having a pragmatic structure to best meet the learning needs of our current pupils within available resources
  • Listening to the views of staff, parents and pupils in how the curriculum and learning are structured.
  • Realising our aspiration to ensure all pupils acquire a broad and balanced curriculum, alongside a recognition that self-esteem, motivation and success are also significantly supported by an element of guided choice and specialisation as pupils make progress towards external examinations
  • Providing increased study time to enable pupils to have a deep mastery of the content of subjects they study at GCSE to maximise their potential for a successful transition to post-16 education, training or employment
  • Developing a process to evolve and develop the curriculum as the needs of our children and the expertise of our staff change over time
  • Maximising pupils’ time with us and using all opportunities to teach our young people, both inside and outside of the classroom, the skills they need to be successful and inspired.



Some of our pupils have low literacy skills on entry, which can present them with a future challenge when accessing new GCSEs. Within our curriculum we offer an array of catch-up resources to help overcome these barriers and on average pupils make 9 months additional progress when joining All Saints in the first two terms. We also provide the most able pupils with literacy stretch and challenge resources so that they can access more challenging aspects of the curriculum and new GCSEs. 


Cultural Capital

As a school we aim to give all our pupils’ access to the cultural experiences vital to them in life. We also link these experiences with our curriculum to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding of what they are learning. Some pupils require support to access experiences available to children in more advantaged areas. We work tirelessly to provide a broad, deep and balanced curriculum to all our pupils, including wider experiences. We review our provision regularly to ensure all pupils have access to the wide range of opportunities available to support and deepen their learning.