The All Saints Curriculum

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5 14:16

All staff strive to deliver a curriculum which enables all young people to succeed with faith at the centre of their lives.

Pupils will become inspired, resilient thinkers who have acquired the powerful knowledge, skills and qualifications to utilise their God-given talents to the fullest. We help pupils to become successful individuals who fulfil and exceed their expectations and achieve academic excellence, allowing them to move onto their chosen post-16 destination.

We support our pupils so that they become confident, respectful and self-regulating individuals who can live healthy, spiritual and fulfilling lives as part of our All Saints family and beyond. We expect our pupils to be responsible, healthy, community focused citizens who make meaningful contributions to society, driven by the values of the Catholic Church.

We aim inspire our children to be creative, practical and respectful young people who are inspired to continue learning throughout their lives.

The All Saints Curriculum

The Formal Curriculum The learning of subject disciplines
The Wider Curriculum The experiences which extend beyond the classroom
The All Saints Way The character values which underpin our school community

The Formal Curriculum

At All Saints Catholic College, we regularly review our curriculum to evaluate its efficacy in helping pupils to learn and remember more over time. We have a three-year Key Stage Three which allows pupils to learn and revisit knowledge in a broad variety of subjects. The Key Stage Three curriculum has been carefully planned so that the knowledge acquired, meets the requirements of the National Curriculum enabling our pupils to succeed. At All Saints, Key Stage Four subjects offer pupils the opportunity to explore their option subjects in greater depth, building on the foundations laid at Key Stage Three. We use our mantra to start every lesson at All Saints, in this we ask pupils if they are ready to be inspired, be excellent and succeed. We believe every pupil has the potential to achieve, regardless of their individual background, through the acquisition of powerful knowledge.

Formal Curriculum Information

The Wider Curriculum

Through our Wider Curriculum we aim to enable pupils to become resilient and knowledgeable young people. We understand the challenges our pupils may face and aim to prepare them for this through our Wider Curriculum including the teaching of RSE, Citizenship and PSHE. As a Catholic College we aim to support our pupils in becoming spiritual members of society who act with morality and faith at the centre of their lives.

Curriculum Overview: Religious Education Curriculum Overview: Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Overview: PSHE Curriculum Overview: Citizenship Extracurricular Offer


In order for pupils to achieve excellent outcomes reading is a focus for all pupils at All Saints. As a community we strive to empower all pupils to become confident readers, regardless of their starting point. As a community we understand the power that reading provides for our pupils and their families which is why we offer a rigorous programme of reading intervention. All pupils have their reading ages tested every term using Accelerated Reader. From these tests we decide which level of intervention is most appropriate for each child. The interventions we run are categorised into four groups.

Targeted Intervention Whole School Approach Developing A Love of Reading Increasing Reading

Urgent Interventions running:

1:1 reading session during Form Time

Guided reading in Learning Support during Form Time

Form time group reads in LRC

Phonics intervention



On watch/Intervention running:

Reading groups during form time in the LRC

Library lesson/English curriculum time – within the lesson group reads (fiction)/teacher led reading

Library lessons KS3

Lexia Literacy programme for all year 7 and targeted pupils in all other year groups.

Lexia Club Period 6

Open to all – targeted at key pupils.

Literacy/independent reading

HT 1 for KS3

Form Time Exam Practice using text books – year 11

Term 1 and 3 reading booklet years 9 and 10

Accelerated Reader

Quizzing years 7 and 8 – results of reading quizzes shared with English teachers – aligned with Excellence and Resilience awards

Accelerated Reader Star Test

Both KS take test termly. Reading ages reported home through termly Progress Reviews (reports)

Home Learning – Accountable Reading to support pupils working towards curricular goals. (reading that helps pupils achieve better as it is linked to the end/assessment point in a SOL)

Suggested reading lists

All year groups have a suggested reading list. This shared on social media. Pupils who read the texts enter a half termly draw to win a book of their choice.

Disciplinary Literacy

Staff training – write like a… speak like a…read like a …

Vocabulary given in departments to promote disciplinary literacy in each subject.

Use of booklets as alternatives to PowerPoint presentations

Use of text books

The Book Fair

World Book Day

Theatre trips aligned to Formal Curriculum, this year’s planned visits:

The House of Chicken Legs

The Book Thief

A Monster Calls

A Christmas Carol

An Inspector Calls

Trip to John Ryland’s Library

Reading sessions in the library

Noughts and Crosses

Mamma Mia

Puss in Boots

Celebration of important events in the calendar


Holocaust Memorial Day

International Women’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Diversified areas of the library

Rewards linked to reading:

Community: mentors

Excellence and Resilience: reading set list or excellent engagement with Accelerated Reader

Drop Everything and Read

Subject specific reading material across the curriculum

Print information as text instead of PowerPoint

Prepare work books


Set accountable reading homework

Teacherhead: five ways to weave reading into the curriculum

Library Lessons

KS3 independent reading/log

Year 8 and 10 – Reading booklet in Form Time

‘Breaks for Reading’ silent reading time timetabled throughout the week.

The All Saints Way

The values of our school are embedded in all aspects of the curriculum, they align The All Saints Way; the Wider Curriculum and the Formal Curriculum. We provide opportunities for pupils to excel in these areas and reward where pupils demonstrate these values. At the centre of the All Saints Way is Faith, each week we identify pupils in all year groups who have demonstrated stewardship, kindness and empathy to other people in our school community and reward them. The School focuses on one of these values each half term and pupils are rewarded for embodying them. We seek out experiential rewards which link to the value each half term to reinforce the importance of adopting these qualities.