• Congratulations!

    Congratulations to Year 11 pupils, Scott Pratt and Bethany McCann who followed the success achieved by All Saints at the Tameside Literacy Awards.

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  • London Trip

    The history Department organised a trip to London for Year 12 and Year 13 on Friday 24th April.

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  • Savio House 2015

    During the season of Lent, all pupils from year 7 embarked on their spiritual journey to Savio House.

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Happy New Year to all our Community from The Governors and Staff of SJP.
Please note that LP2 Reports to Parents will be issued this week with the exception of Y8 and Y9 who's reports will be available at next weFriday's Y8 and Y9 Review Day.The College will be closed to all year groups although some public examinations will take place on this day.